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Cherishing your child's 1st year with a cake smash!

I absolutely love being able to follow my

clients through their children's life. There is something so special about being able to start out photographing kiddos as newborns and being able to watch them grow into their personalities! They are by far my favorite portion of my job. Milestones are important! These are the things we grow up with in our baby books. These are the moments that we all look back on and laugh about! With newborns I get to be a part of something in someones life that is extremely intimate and special. At 3 months most babies are starting to smile and are fighting their way through tummy time. At 6 months, they laugh at everything and their toothless smiles light up everyones life. Then we hit 1. They are running everywhere, face planting every 3 feet, and are easily distracted by the smallest thing that catches their eye. I don't know who decided that smashing cake was a milestone celebration, but I will admit that it is always a blast! I remember looking back on my "cake smash" and it required a high chair! It was nowhere near as awesome as they are now! There is never a dull moment when kids get to smash cake and smear it all over!

I love being able to incorporate a scene and cake that fits the child's personality. You know your child's likes and dislikes better than anyone. Be real and honest with me and I promise to create something unique to you and your child! Every cake smash is different and every kiddo shows their personality in different ways.

So what exactly is a cake smash? It is literally what it sounds like! Your one year old gets to destroy a beautiful cake and get completely covered in frosting, while deep down, you cringe from the mess it creates! The idea behind it is to celebrate your child's 1st year. To celebrate the fact that you survived, they survived, and hey, maybe they even made it a whole year without having any sugar!

The point of a cake smash is to do something completely different for photos than you will ever do for them in the future. Let them have fun, destroy the cake, and maybe even eat some of the cake with them! I always make sure to get some photos before they are completely covered in frosting so that

you have something that you are able to put on your wall. Let's be honest, the cake smash is completely for our own amusement! Why else would would we allow our 1 year olds to dive head first (and sometimes feet first) into their cakes!?

I do want to be real and honest with you that a lot of cake smashes end in tears. Surprisingly, there are lots of kids out there that really just don't like getting dirty! Maybe it's a texture thing, but if your kid cries, they aren't the only ones! This is a completely new environment for them! Most of the time we, as parents, are telling them "no, don't do that", and they are now confused as to why we are just letting them go elbow deep in the cake that is in front of them. The biggest tip I can give you to avoid the tears is to let the kid be completely and utterly themselves. Don't force them to shove their hand in the cake, don't grab the back of their head and make them face plant into it (Yes, I have seen this happen on one too many occasions! It's tempting. I get it, but seriously, refrain!), and don't force them to sit next to the cake. It will take a little warming up for them to be excited about what's happening in front of them. Redirecting them back to the cake and trying to get them interested in it is completely ok but don't force it!

Your babies 1st year comes extremely fast! Life with a newborn is already busy, but once they hit 1 your tasks double! I get it!! I would love to get your cake smash scheduled and theme planned!! All you need to do is book the date and give me a few details as to what you are looking for and I will do the rest! My job is to make this memorable, relaxing, and fun!!

If you are looking to set up a cake smash I would love to chat!! E-mail me at:

I look forward to hearing from you all!!

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