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Five Points Engagement

Denver has many great places to photograph but none of them quite compare to this small part of a big city. Five Points gets its name from the five point intersection at Washington Street, 27th Street, 26th Avenue, and Welton Street. This was too much to fit on the sign so they shortened it to Five Points in 1881! Five points is a vibrant multicultural area. It is the heart of Denver's African-American community on the Welton Street Cultural District's Walking tour! You will find a series of historic markers that helped shape African American culture and history in Denver. It is packed with walls of artwork from people all over as well as multiple lively pubs and dining! If you are a local you know this neighborhood can serve some of the best grub there is out there! Five Points lives on by merging the old with the new!!

When these two asked me to provide a shoot for them that involved them having fun and being themselves, I knew that this was the right location for them! From coffee to scooters, to skipping and dancing we definitely had a blast.

Congratulations you two!! I hope your wedding in January 2021 is just as beautiful as you both are inside and out!

(I pulled my research from and looked up Five Points. If your a local and you didn't know about the historical background this area holds I highly recommend knowing the area you are shooting in and taking a few minutes out of your day to research and learn about this location!)

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