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No, you don't get every image I take.

It is extremely common for photographers to be asked for every image that is taken from a day of shooting. Most photographers are known to overshoot at almost every photoshoot they do. It's very rare that you have a photographer that leaves an hour long shoot with only 40 images. When you hire a photographer, your photographer will send you a contract that has a set amount of images you are to receive in the package that you chose. There is a really good reason for this! Multiple actually.


When you ask to have a dress altered, do you ask for the scraps taken off of it before the final product? When you get a hair cut do you ask to have the hair clippings? When you go to the movies do you ask to see the unedited movie? Obviously not, unless of course it's your child's first haircut, but that's not the point. The photos that you don't see are not seen for a reason. They are thrown out, ignored, and never to be seen again.

Photographers have a process as to how they "cull" their images. This means that the photographer goes home from their shoot and goes through the images that were taken. They decide what photos they want to keep and what photos they want to ditch. Breathe. Yes, I said ditch, but let me assure you that the photos that your photographer is getting rid of, need to be gotten rid of.


Why are they thrown out you ask? Well, there are multiple reasons. Sometimes we as photographers make mistakes.....oops did I just say that out loud? Yes, we. Are. Human. Sometimes there are images that can't be fixed because they are over or under exposed. Other times we get rid of them because we shifted just right and the image is completely out of focus or maybe we missed our focus point completely. There are even times when moms shirt is hanging half way down her chest because her toddler pulled it down, bridal party dresses are stuck in everyones butt cracks, Auntie Anne decided to turtle into her shell and has twelve chins, dad is glaring at mom because he doesn't want to do photos, and Sam, over in the corner has two fingers shoved up his nose. We as photographers will always deliver the BEST images to you! If there are bloopers that we think are worth you seeing we will show you! If we don't show you, trust that we selected the best images possible.

Your photographer isn't holding out on you and we aren't "hiding" anything from you.


Some of you are still wondering what the harm is in having all the photos. "I mean you take so many." I am a photographer that over shoots. Meaning, I take more photos than I actually need. Often times this puts me in a situation where I have one too many duplicates and they aren't needed. I tend to over shoot because I would rather have more images to deliver to you than not enough. I overshoot because sometimes I have to get the in between shots of your kid laughing instead of crying, or someone with their cellphone jumped in front of me at a wedding and I missed my shot. There is a reason so many photos are taken. Please trust the process and trust your photographer. I have said this before, but if you don't trust your photographer to choose the best images possible, hire another one that you do trust.

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