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Why photography?

Why do photography? This world is saturated with photographers. I hear this

Photography for me is more than just my job. We have all had a moment in our life where we wished we could freeze time. Do you want to remember that beautiful vacation spot for the rest of your

life? Do you want that important moment that happened to you remembered? Have you ever wished you had something more than just a story to tell and the memory to reminisce on. Photography does that. Photography puts that memory from the past to life in a still frame. Photography catches a single moment and freezes it in time.

I grew up around artistic family members. My grandma on my moms side is an amazing painter. My grandpa on my dads side is a musician. My passion for music and painting/drawing ran deep throughout my childhood. Both are still a big part of my life. Photography found me when I hit high school. I didn’t really think any thing of it but it brought a peace to my soul that nothing else could. I never did go to college for it but I was certain that that’s what I wanted to do when I graduated.

I did a lot of things before photography found me again. The day I got the photos back from our wedding day my heart raced and I knew that photography was what I was called to do. I guess you can say that my wedding photographer inspired me, but I couldn't have done it without my parents believing in me! It took me some time to work up the courage to go back to photography. I heard over and over from various people that photography would never be something that I could make a living off of. That I would be making a huge mistake. If it wasn't for my parents buying me my first DSLR for Christmas one year, I probably would have never made the leap to where I am today. My dad always told me that if I loved what I did and it didn't feel like a job, that's all that mattered. I truly haven't felt like my photography has ever been a "job." It is my passion and my hearts desire to bring life's moments to life in a unique and fragile way!

When we are young we take a lot of things for granted. Childhood memories for instance; most of us were blessed with a baby book of some sort. Being a foster parent has allowed me to see that not all children get to look back at those memories. I have heard more than once that they don't know what they looked like as a baby or that the only photos they have are those that they were able to gather before they were taken. The ones they do have are now crinkled and faded. They are bounced around so frequently that all of their photos are often left between homes. It is my goal to make sure that these kids have something to look back on, something good to show their kids and family in the future.

Cherished Moments started because I truly want everyone to have the opportunity to freeze those moments in time. I want people to be able to sit down at family dinners, pull out their photos, and be able to tell the story that goes along with it. Cherished moments is more than just a snapshot, it’s about a genuine experience and moment captured to cherish for years down the road.

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